For small businesses, search engines are one of the most powerful channels for generating new customers. In our digital world, it’s all about driving the click.


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For many small businesses, free traffic from search engines like Google and Bing is the main source of visitors to their website. Unfortunately, unless a website has been optimized, the majority of these visitors are only finding the site based on “branded searches”. These people typically know the name of the company or their products, and that is exactly how they are searching to find the business. Continue reading “SEO”


When your business absolutely, positively needs to be on Google and Bing, search engine marketing (SEM) is your best bet. Major search engines offer platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising that allow you to bid on keywords (searches). Done right, this almost guarantees to move your business, products, or services to the top of search results, often above the free, organic results. Continue reading “SEM”